Tribute to Chester – Linkin Park

It’s too ‘Heavy’..The news of your death was like a ‘Papercut’ ..somewhere inside me He broke the ‘Castle of glass’..the castle we all built with his songs… He made me ‘Numb’..again today His songs was what created a ‘New Divide’..long back for all of us! He was like ‘The Catalyst’..who taught me to believe that ‘A Light does comes’.. He… Read more →


Yep, am Sorry as I was caught up in some other works.Yeah this is a personal sorry for all my readers out for not being active in the blog for quite a long time.


I was working with several projects and was quite busy..working..learning every single day…so that i can make this blog, a better one. Apart from being a DJ i was venturing into the world of Digital Media Marketing, working as a Influencer, Growth hacker as well…and learning and doing some cool SEO stuffs. Am on a tight budget, so i worked for others to learn the inside out of what’s going in the that i can implement them on my blog and update it.


Digital marketing, growth hacking, working as a Influencer as well as learning SEO definitely helps in maintaining your blog and reaching out your clients and ranking in the search engines.


You might be thinking as to why am blabbing all these stuffs in a DJ blog!


Wait..Hold a sec!!


This blog is just like my diary..jotting downs the lines of where and how i am going as a DJ.


It’s been just only  4 years from the year of 2012, since i professionally started as a Full time DJ. But am also learning the other stuffs which might help me directly or indirectly in the industry. You see, being just a DJ..doesn’t works out in this 21st century.


You need to be versatile as a DJ…you need to implement everything you learn in DJing. You may have the skills of a web designer, a developer, a blogger, a graphic designer, a marketer, a coder, a Influencer, a Social Media Marketer, a Motivation Speaker, a traveler, a knack on social media, etc etc. Anything or everything you learn apart from DJing can be used and implemented in DJing. Try to utilize those secret little skill-sets you have.  You may be surprised how it helps in DJing.


Am personally good in handling the Social medias..and believe it or not about 70% of my private gigs comes from networks and links i built through my Facebook Profile only. Its been profitable for am trying out the other social medias like Twitter and Instagram too.


There are some good news too..I got a new Residency in a new Club out in my city. So am now the Resident DJ of Brooklyn Blues , Guwahati. That was another reason as to why I was offline from the blog a bit. Was a little busy in starting up in the new club. Started over there as the Resident from 8th January 2017. Had to leave the old club i was working for too (Club Zero Mile).


So right now am giving time to the club + am learning everyday on new stuffs. keep learning on other areas helps.


I am dipping unto the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency industry too..still working on my web domains as a Domainer…learning everyday…venturing out into different industries..learn from each of them…and implement whatever i learn, that is useful unto the DJing (in a broader aspect).


Well that was a long talk with you guys..i just  felt the need to have a simple chat with you all with a broader aspect on DJing and the life of a DJ.


..ilLusive sAm

LG V20

LG-V20 and it’s Features

This will be the first review i made of a phone in this website.Lets read a different story/review apart from DJing today. Well LG is back again with one of it’s Flagship phone..yes i am talking about the LGV20. No talking shits! Let’s jump directly to the specs: Weight of the phone: 174g The Dimensions: 159.7 x 78.1 x 7.6mm… Read more →